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1 Year Body Transformation Program


The AppTrainer 1 Year Body Transformation Program is proven to get results. Weather you’re a beginner wanting to learn your way around the weight room and kitchen or have years of experience, this program is for you!  This program is a nutrition and exercise plan for women who want to completely transform their body into a sculpted athlete. Using a combination of resistance training and proper nutrition, this program will develop a base of strong muscle, causing you to burn more calories, which drops body fat and sculpts your body. The first few phases offer a foundation for weight lifting and meal planning preparing you for the more complex workouts and precise nutrition of some other phases. We can guarantee you will train HARD! You will learn how to properly FUEL your body! You will feel strong and energetic like never before and in the process practice discipline, determination, tenacity, and determination! Enjoy yourself along the way.

The Phases break down as follows:

Phase 1: In 8 weeks you will build a solid foundation with weight training and proper nutrition. This phase focuses on the basics of weight training, which is a great start for the novice and perfect for the experienced lifter to go back to once a year. With these foundation movements you will focus on progressing your weight week to week. You will track your progress in the app, allowing you to challenge yourself to add more weight to your lifts each week. 

You will learn how to track macros. This is a great nutritional tool to help you reach any goal and is used by athletes and bodybuilders to gain muscle and shed fat at the same time. With the AppTrainer custom Macro and Nutrition Guide, you will learn everything you need to build your own custom meal plan. Although there will be a slight caloric deficit in this phase, the focus is building mass (muscle), so you must properly fuel. Expect some muscle mass gain (weight gain on the scale with a body composition transformation). 

Phase 2: In 8 weeks you will become familiar with more complex movement and advanced lifting techniques. This phase will take you to the next level in your weight training by adding more technical movement and begin to introduce conditioning. Since you have now become a pro at counting macros, you will continue to track. You will begin to use carb cycling to increase metabolism and drop body fat. 

Phase 3: In 16 weeks you will really begin to advance your training. Workouts will increase in intensity and rotate between heavy lifting focus and conditioning focus. Macros are adjusted slightly over the course of this plan to insure that you continue to decrease body fat. This plan keeps you moving, sweating, and training like a PRO!

Phase 4: This is the 8 week maintenance phase. Training intensity will adjust to allow you to gain strength, while lowering the intensity. You will now be a fat burning machine due to proper nutrition. Macros will continue to be tracked, by now you will have been able to increase your calories and maintain  your hard earned physique.

Phase 5: This is the 8 week strength building phase. Weight training will focus on gaining strength in all your lifts. Macros will be adjusted to fuel this intensity. 

4 Week Shred: This 4 Week INTENSE SHRED can be done at any time during your program to lose significant body fat. This program will test your dedication, but the results speak for themselves. You will be able to reveal the body you’ve worked so hard for!