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Gym Routine

Do you belong to a gym but are not sure what to do? Just need to switch it up? Lets customize a plan for you!

Challenge Groups

These are offered often with specific start dates. 

Currently accepting clients for:

4 Week Shred Challenge

$500 PRIZE!!

 I created this challenge to kick start or dramatically change your body fat loss/ weight loss goals! This challenge will be tough mentally and physically. You will be training 4 times per week and the "off" days are for rest and Cardio.

This program has been designed for someone with some previous weight training experience and a reasonable level of fitness. However, it can also be done by complete beginners! You will be provided with videos for each exercise. Everyday there will be Cardio assigned. 

We will hold each other accountable through the Facebook community. This will also serve as a platform for you to share ideas, recipes, motivation, struggles, and ask us questions. 

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One on One Training

Nothing will push you harder than working one on one in person! Lets work together on the best version of you!