4 Week Fit From Home Program


The Workouts

  • 2x per week LIVE Zoom workouts with your trainer. *times will be given to members weekly, options for am or pm time slots daily
  • Daily workouts delivered to your app. These will be body weight workouts for everyone, from beginner to advanced. The beginner will have options to modify and the advanced will have option to intensify. 
  • Complete body building/ body sculpting plan. Designed to transform your body, keep your muscle, and build muscle using dumbbells. These workouts can be done in place of or in addition to the daily body weight workouts.
  • Video demonstration of each exercise and video explanation of each daily workout. Its like having a trainer in your phone.


Nutrition Plan

Complete macro guide to teach you how to create a custom meal plan. This plan will show you how to adjust calories to meet your needs that will reach your goal. Once you learn this method, you will be able to customize plans for any goal you have, forever.


Ultimate Accountability

This plan has more accountability than ever before. In addition to meeting your trainer and team during the LIVE Zoom sessions, you will check in with your team and trainer daily, have assignments from your trainer, and set new goals every day.