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12 week shred

What to Expect from the 12 Week Shred

from AppTrainer creator and Head Trainer, Melissa Fisher:

I have designed this program to get you absolutely ripped in 12 weeks. Everything you need to transform your physique will be available in my App, AppTrainer, including: 

  • 12 weeks of workouts with instructional videos of each exercise
  • Nutrition guide with details about how to track your meals and build custom meal plans around what you like to eat 
  • Meal Prep guide book with detailed instructions about how to calculate your nutritional needs for the week, build a shopping list, and prepare delicious meals 
  • Weekly check-ins with me to hold you accountable. This one is HUGE! You will be held at the highest accountability of any AppTrainer program because I will take your plan out of your App if you miss check in and do not respond. This will ensure you are communicating with me, your trainer. Even if you fall off track (most of us do!) it will give me the opportunity to help you back on. 

What to expect:

  1. You will need to be in the gym 5-6 days per week. These workouts require gym equipment. While many exercises can be done with dumbbells, barbells, and basics you can have in a home gym- the best results come from the typical gym equipment. That's not to say you cant have fantastic results by following the nutrition and subbing the machines for home equipment, but we cannot guarantee the results this way. 
  2. You will need to dedicate 1.5 hours to your workout. This may mean waking up before the sun, getting home late, sacrificing nights out, or a few extra hours of sleep- but trust me, it will be 100% worth it. This is the reality of what it takes to get shredded look. 
  3. You will need to plan out your meals ahead of time and more than likely, meal prep. Unless you are able to cook multiple meals at home throughout the day and time in the morning to plan the meals, we recommend planning the week before the week begins. We strongly recommend preparing your meals ahead of time. This is why I am including a Meal Prep Handbook. 
  4. You will need to remain teachable because I'm going to check your progress weekly. This includes trusting your trainer and this program. Going off course, subbing in foods, skipping workouts, etc. will not get you the desired results. Checking in with your coach and you team is very helpful to your progress, as well as, required by this program. I am here to help you, not reprimand you. I am here to teach you, not criticize you. I want to coach you in a way that created positive habits, not resentment toward Nutrition and Exercise programs. Use me for that! Let me know what is going on in your life, your mood, your struggles, your injuries, your nutrition aversions, your cravings, etc. We can work through these things together and get you the desired results. Do anything except quit. 
  5. You will need to rely on discipline and commitment when the motivation leaves you. We are not always motivated, even me (surprised?) The difference between those who look and perform like athletes and you right now, is they don't make any excuses- ever. You will need to keep showing up, no matter what and plan your life around whatever it takes to make this work. Does this mean sacrificing time with your family? Maybe, but maybe not. With proper time management (again, rely on your coach and the AppTrainer Facebook community to help) you should be able to make this program work in your life, no matter how busy you are. Trust me on this one. I own a meal prep company, run this app with over 100 clients I check on weekly, work full time training clients one on one, am COO of a gym that is currently expanding, creating trademarked choreographed fitness classes, developing a Nutrition program for one on one nutrition consultations, spend time with my boyfriend/ family/ friends, and most importantly, I’m a MOM! If I can make time for all this (successfully) and still manage to hit my fitness and nutrition goals, I can help you figure out a way to do the same. These things are also the reason I do not accept excuses……
  6. You will begin to learn how to properly fuel your body. By doing so you will feel strong, energized, and develop a positive relationship with food. When you learn how to incorporate the things you love into your plan toward you goal, you will never need to fall off the wagon again. Expect to look at food differently (in a good way!)
  7. You will start to enjoy the sacrifice of the workouts. With the App you track your weights, letting you see exactly how quickly you are gaining strength. This becomes addicting (there's my warning). 
  8. You will make friends who share the same passion and goals as you. Weather its meeting people in the weight room (we are all one big family in there) or in the online Facebook Community, you will find ‘your people’. You may begin to pull away from friends or family who do not support your health goals, and this is OK. You will change for the better- this will bring in the ones you need and repel the ones you don't. The law of attraction.
  9. A NEW BODY. Yeah, that's the big one! The one that will make all the rest worth it. 


Is this a longer version of the 4 week Shred?

    No, the 12 week Shred is slightly less intense. there is less Cardio and a less restrictive food list. There are 3 phases. Build- focusing on building a strong foundation of weight training skills of muscle growth. Intensify- advancing the workouts with added HIIT, more advanced lifting techniques, and precise nutrition planning. Shred- uncovering a lean, sculpted physique through training and nutrition

Does the 1.5 hours in the gym include Cardio?

    Yes, this includes everything. As you get better, you will need less time. In the beginning there is less added Cardio so these may take even less time. 

What foods am I allowed?

    Almost anything! You will learn how to track your macros with a long list of "clean foods" and a meal prep guide to teach you how to turn those foods into delicious meals. 

Can Men do this Program?

Yes! Men and women both will see exceptional body fat loss from following this program. Men wanting to build muscle first should check out the Mens 8 Week Program or have a Custom Plan designed for their goal.